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AICELLO MILIM CHEMICAL CO.,LTD was established in July,1995 as a joint-venture with Aicello Chemical Co, Ltd, the plastic product manufacturer, located in Toyohashi, Japan. In Korea, only our company produces CLEAN BOTTLE and CLEAN DRUM for chemicals used in semiconductor business.
CLEAN BOTTLE is product name for the clean plastic container for the chemicals used in the semiconductor business which Aicello Chemical Co, Ltd. developed for the first time in the world, and has become the major term for the clean plastic container.
As the company started the production of CLEAN BAG from 2009, which is used for clean packaging and had been imported wholly from the Aicello Chemical Co, Ltd due to inability for manufacturing, we can contribute the development of the electronics and medical industry in Korea, and we became the only company in Korea who can produce not only CLEAN BOTTLE and CLEAN DRUM but also CLEAN BAG which are the high-tech products. With self-esteem as a provider of CLEAN BOTTTLE, CLEAN DRUM, and CLEAN BAG which are the products of cutting edge technology and facility, we are promising you that through continuous research and development, we will provide you with the highest quality products in the world.
Wed like to express our deepest gratitude to our customers and patrons and ask you of continuous support and guidance.






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